Types of vibration essences

We represent a wide range of different essences of flowers, gemstones, crystals, and all of them are designed to facilitate the processes of internal change, from the gentle action of Bach Flower essences to the powerful, deep action of combinations of essences designed to work with specific issues or opportunities.

All essences carry consciousness and a unique energy template that can help realign the energy matrix from which we are created. The energy that makes up the etheric plane flows from the Soul through the emotional and mental bodies. When the crystallized energy of low frequencies is collected in them, distortions occur in the etheric pattern. On a personal level, we experience and can see these crystallized energies as non-positive beliefs or low vibrational emotions such as fear or anger. These emotional states usually accompany models of beliefs, beliefs and programs that originate and are a consequence of events in our past, both this life and the past, where we decided to consider some situations and lessons to be painful or traumatic. Often these crystallized energies are not even realized by us.

Essences have the ability to help us release and transform old crystallized energies, allowing them to be recycled and used in a more positive and life-affirming format. When we begin this liberation process, it often turns out that we are working with several different layers of the problem at the same time, so it will be useful to know how different types of essences can help you.

Bach flower essences

Bach Flower Essences work best when used to balance the surface layers of our energetic template. They are an excellent resource for daily balance, but they cannot easily guide you into the depths of the crystallized energy that has created the model of reality that you are living and experiencing. They work best when mixed in a combination of 6-8 essences and are often taken. They work very quickly for children and are often the only essences young children need to bring them back into balance. For adults, in addition to the help they can provide directly, it can be very beneficial and effective to take Bach Flower Essences in combination with deep action essences.

Essences of Deeper Action

Essences of the Karmic Series are a very good way to start working on a deeper level with a problem or question, especially for those who have already touched and used Bach Flower Essences.

Deeper Action Flower Essences

Flowers carry a high level of consciousness and are able to remind us of our own innate integrity - who we really are. Many of the new flower essences are very deeply acting and have the ability to penetrate the structure of old crystallized energy (thoughts, emotions, etc.) and help release it layer by layer until we get to the root of the problem. Individual Flower Essences, Rose Essence Collection, Angelic Essences, Archangel Essences and Ascended Masters - all of these series fall into this category.

Essences of Gems, Crystals and Minerals

Essences of gemstones, crystals and minerals also work at a deep level. Among this group, we can find essences that carry an energetic resonance that will remind the organs and glands of our etheric template how to be healthy and balanced. There are also many essences in this group that have the unique ability to evoke the etheric memory of our energy matrix so that we can remember how to use the Light. Currently, many people's energy systems are struggling to hold enough Light, and this is one of the main reasons why balancing can take a long time.
While it is possible to get results from taking one deep-acting essence from any of the groups above, our experience is that using specially targeted combinations of deep-acting essences of flowers, gemstones, crystals or minerals is the most effective way to work on deep, serious problems.

Essences of deep action

Essences of the series of Divine Harmony, Pure Vibration, Well-being and Perfect Forms, For Chakras, Rainbow Light Body and Inner Child - combinations of deeply acting essences of flowers, precious stones, crystals and minerals are specially selected for their ability to focus deeply and powerfully on solving a specific issue, problem or positive potential. They are a great resource for anyone looking to seriously tackle a problem.

Alternatively, you can choose 4, 5 or 6 deep-acting essences for yourself and create your own combination.

Spray essences

Essences that are sprayed into the aura field have a faster effect than similar essences taken internally and therefore can very quickly help you balance and align your energy field. At the same time, they will not work as deeply as essences taken internally and for this reason are especially useful for those who find it difficult to take essences of deep action internally for a long time.

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