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I got acquainted with the essences of Bach by chance. The essence for the 3rd chakra was recommended by an osteopath. I have previously taken homeopathy, but I was surprised that there are chakra essences. Each person is individual, has his own qualities, his own types of energy, how can you put all the variety of types in a bottle? After all, each needs its own essence, as the range is individual for everyone.

To my deep surprise, the essence worked. A large number of conflicts arose, those who were dear, with whom I communicated, began to leave me. I was desperate and in a panic. Events developed rapidly, according to a negative scenario. I was afraid to go outside, because it is not known what awaits me and whether I can cope. My aunt died, at the funeral I learned what determined my life and what determined the life of my relatives, learned the origins of the negative scenario that breaks our lives - the actions of our ancestors. I guessed that they were not telling me the truth about who our grandparents really were. I guessed correctly. It was very, very difficult to go through everything. It is difficult to recognize, it hurts, a series of events has begun.

Yes, our grandparents have been gone for a long time, but everything that was done by them returned to us, our grandchildren, along the way the boomerang gathered all the consequences and destroyed our lives. It is painful and bitter. I have many personal and social problems. I went through many psychologists, psychotherapists, even psychiatrists, because it is impossible, because I was looking for a way out and help. Nothing worked for me. I've been looking for years. It's hard to live, I went to another specialist again.

Despite the fact that I work hard and constantly study, there was no place in society, I was an outcast, I was driven from everywhere. I went to church and still go, it did not help me to return to society. It took 2 months, the problems of the 3rd chakra were worked out, my life changed dramatically. New job prospects appeared, yet I was recognized. The work was and is very important in my life, only after taking the essence for the 3rd chakra I was able to realize myself. I have always worked endlessly and hard, but it turned out only after taking the essences. I asked God to show me the way and the way, because it was not life, but torment.

Constant fears, neuroses, depression, a series of specialists. Sometimes I thought that I could not live alone, because my psyche is bad, I cannot take care of myself, and there is no one to take care of me, and that there is a high probability of being lost. Then there was the reception of the essence for the 4th chakra. The processes were difficult. Yes, I want to take drops and to "look prettier", improve. Again a series of events began, diseases of relatives, quarrels with relatives and friends. But after what happened during the essence for the 3rd chakra, I was neither surprised nor frightened, there was nothing to surprise and frighten with anything.

Relations with cousins ​​were restored - we did not communicate for 6.5 years: our parents had a falling out. I managed to find not only relatives, but also close-minded relatives. I managed to make friends. I cannot say that fears, depression or neurosis prevent me from living, no, I have them now, they are weak at all. Now I know what freedom is. Dreams have changed. I continue to take other essences, it helps, I don't know how the essences work. I don't understand, I heard the explanation, but I can't believe that ordinary drops "spin", such events and so strongly affect not only me, but the world and those around me. Yes, they do.

Why didn't I quit taking essences when there were so many difficult events? Because there were also positive changes, because there was a movement, some kind of tendency to change. Other remedies did not help. I got an idea of ​​how the world and man work. It's amazing ! It's not easy to change at 44.

I have more hope, more opportunities, my life has reached a completely different level! In 4 months. Not easy, but the changes are worth it. I also took such essences: Healing Abuse - healing cruel treatment, Healing Family - healing the family, Inner Joy - inner joy, Inner Strength - inner strength, New Horizons - new horizons, Self Acceptance - self-acceptance, Soul Connection-connection with the soul and other.

She gave drops to her beautician, her grandmother died. The essences helped to cope with the loss and helped to get rid of the addiction to smoking. Took 2 months - Transforming Addiction - transforming addictions, Revival Remedy - emergency combo. Now the cosmetologist does not smoke, she is balanced, she was able to survive the grief.

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