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Strength & Courage Spray

Shatter the illusion of fear. Dispel old fearful beliefs. Find your inner strength & courage.
Вибрационные эссенции Чистой вибрации - Сила и мужество (Strength & Courage)Вибрационные эссенции Чистой вибрации - Сила и мужество (Strength & Courage)
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Overcoming Fear

The Strength & Courage Spray

Use this spray to help replace the vibration of fear with those of strength & courage

Essence Description

Key Points

  • Shatter the illusion of fear
  • Dispel old fearful beliefs
  • Find your inner strength & courage

Fear is an energy that has been woven deeply into the human collective consciousness and we all carry patterning, often unconsciously, that can potentially pull us back into this vibrational frequency, especially when we find ourselves facing unexpected challenges.

However, fear is a vibrational frequency that belongs to the illusion of separation and is therefore not ‘real’ from the perspective of our true self.

Use this powerful spray to help you dissolve and transform vibrations of fear and remind you of your own innate strength and courage and the love that is your true self.

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