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Heart Connection Spray

Opens the heart chakra. Cleanses old emotional pain. Reminds you of the Love that you are.
Вибрационные эссенции Чистой вибрации - Связь с сердцем (Heart Connection)Вибрационные эссенции Чистой вибрации - Связь с сердцем (Heart Connection)
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Living in Love

The Heart Connection Spray

Use this spray to helping you to live more fully from the perspective of the heart.

Essence Description

Key Points

  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Cleanses old emotional pain
  • Reminds you of the Love that you are

When we live life from the perspective of the heart whole new realms of opportunity become available to us because we are in vibrational alignment with our true self and with the higher plan of our life.

Denial of the love that we truly are is unfortunately still a deep unconscious pattern for many people and one that creates painful barriers around the heart that prevent us from living in love.

Use this spray to promote a swift cleansing of old emotions that block you from fully opening your heart or simply to help you open your heart more deeply either to yourself or others.

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