The Energy of November 2021: How to Maintain Balance, Stability and a Feeling of Well-Being in Times of Chaos, Traveling Through the Waves of Change

The Energies of November
The energies of November will take us ever deeper into the flow of transformational energy that has been steadily gathering in pace and intensity throughout October.
This is positive, focussed energy with its attention on helping us to expand our consciousness so that we can grow and evolve. However, it is not going to wait politely for us make up our minds to change, so we could experience it as being quite edgy and intense.
There is potential for change to take place in dramatic, fast - moving and unexpected ways this month as old and new ideologies clash in the world. Indeed, endings will be a strong theme over the next few weeks, something that will continue on into the early part of next year.
One of the dominant themes this month centres on the exposure of corruption, lack of integrity and accountability, particularly with respect to large organisations, governments, and individuals in positions of power. Also, with the sun in Scorpio we can expect revelations and deep dark secrets to come to the fore revealing those things that are not for the highest good.

New Moon
The new moon was on November 4th and we may experience a particularly intense period around this time as the Sun and Moon in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. Unexpected events on the world stage could challenge our sense of security or we may find ourselves surprised by a revelation that brings a startling clarity to something we had not wanted to look at, individually or collectively.
This is not comfortable energy but remember that healing / change can only take place when we choose to take ownership of a problem or issue. The solution is then able to present itself. To help us with this Venus is conjunct the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius over this period which will facilitate a flow of high frequency light and information, expansive energies that will help us to vision something new for our future.

11 - 11 Gateway
The energies incoming through the 11-11 gateway will as always, contain positive high frequency light codes that will stimulate soul alignment and greater connection with our divine self. Take advantage of these energies to help expand your perspective and accelerate your transformation.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
We start a new eclipse season this month on the Scorpio / Taurus axis. Lunar eclipses tend to emphasis endings while solar eclipses bring new beginnings.
The full moon lunar eclipse on November 19th, exact at 8.57 am UK time, is likely to bring all of the issues related to Scorpio and Taurus strongly into our awareness. This will be a great time to release anything that no longer serves you. Scorpio energies tend to root around in our emotional storage bins to see what needs recycling so don’t be surprised if emotions run high for a while. Just do your best to allow what needs to surface to have space even if it is initially uncomfortable.
On the world stage we may see the previously hidden secrets of the rich and powerful being illuminated in this energy along with volatility in financial and economic affairs. Unexpected and extreme weather events are also a possibility together with the vociferous expression of opposing viewpoints, particularly around freedom and human rights.
This energy has the potential to feel uncomfortable in many ways so remember to breath and allow the chaos of change to flow around you. Stay connected to yourself and focus only on where it is important for you to make changes. This way you will have the winds of change in your sails and will be able to move forward with ease and grace.

The Influence of Scorpio
The sun moved into the constellation of Scorpio on October 23rd providing us with the perfect energetic backdrop to all the other planetary activity for November. When the sun magnifies the watery feminine energies of Scorpio, the energetic focus is always one of deep inner transformation.
Scorpio energy is warrior energy, and it will unequivocally take us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious, emotional nature to confront anything that is holding us back. There is a ‘death and rebirth’ flavour to these energies that can feel both intense and challenging if we are tempted to resist the proffered invitation to make any changes that might be necessary.
Use this deeply purifying, transformational energy to help you move forward this month with ease and grace.

The energies of November will take us ever deeper
into the flow of transformational energy that has been steadily
gathering in pace and intensity throughout October

Chaos and the need for Anchor Points
We have been in a period of accelerating transformation for some time, and it has now reached a point of intensity where the chaos of change that this brings with it is reaching further into our everyday lives.
This can feel very destabilising and challenging to our sense of safety and security in the world. It can also trigger unconscious memories of being incarnated on the planet during previous times of chaos and destruction, for instance at the end of Atlantis.
It is very important that we recognise that this period is not the same as others that we might have experienced. Previously the Earth and humanity were spiralling down in frequency, and it was not possible to turn this around for many reasons. This is not the case now, however. Our planet and all the various forms of life that call her home are currently being bathed in high frequency light that is causing the vibrations of both the Earth and humanity to spiral upwards in frequency helping us to transition out of the 3rd dimension and into the 5th.
The chaos that we see in the world and sometimes in our own lives is the result of that transformational change taking place. Low frequency energies, along with the patterning, structures and creations that have their roots in the old energy have to be dismantled in order to allow something new to unfold. This is no different than the effect that we experience as individuals when we take a deep acting, high frequency combination of essences to dissolve a block in our energy fields.
As the old energy releases, we can experience a certain amount of emotional turbulence that sometimes feels temporarily uncomfortable and destabilising. Simply remembering to keep as balanced a perspective as you can on what is really going on will be very helpful over the coming weeks and months. Just know that everything is in the right place even if it is challenging to deal with on an everyday level.
At a collective level we first have to weed the communal vegetable patch before we can replant it with something that will be more life enhancing for everyone. Recognise that your choices are important in that process and keep your personal vibrational frequency as high as you can.

Anchor Points
If our anchor points in life are primarily in the outer world it can be less easy for us to negotiate periods of chaos and change. The potential to lose yourself in distracting events or strong polarities is much greater in this kind of energy. Now would be a really good time to review this and to make sure that you have a few simple resources that you can use to help you stay anchored into the reality that you are choosing to energise in your life. Here are a few possibilities to consider;
Conscious breathing: taking a few moments at different times of the day to pause and simply focus on your breath creates a wonderfully simple internal anchor point. Just breath in slowly and deeply, then breath out without pausing, again slowly and deeply. Repeat as often as needed to bring you back into harmony and balance within yourself.
Spend time in nature: going for a walk somewhere where you can connect with the natural world will quickly bring you back to yourself if you have become scattered and distracted. If you are unable to do this physically for some reason then take an imaginary walk in a favourite place, feeling the sensations of what this would be like as strongly as you can in your body. Feel the sun and the breeze on your face, paddle in the sea and feel the temperature of the water, imagine how it would feel to walk bare foot on the grass or a sandy beach etc.
Daily connection: make a quiet space each day to check in with yourself, to meditate and connect with your own internal guidance and truth. Anchor yourself into the Earth through your grounding cord, notice what thoughts and feelings are in your awareness. Allow them to be present with you so that anything that needs to leave can do so. Fill and surround yourself in light and violet flame to help bring you into alignment with your soul for guidance. Listen in your heart to what is important for you.
Gratitude: taking a few moments each day to be in gratitude for who you are and what you have in your life can also be a powerful anchor point.

Essence Suggestions for November 2021
Cultivating the ability to surf the intensifying waves of change and transformation with a degree of perspective and awareness is something that we might all find useful in this month’s energy flow. Our essence suggestions this month are all focussed on providing support with this.

Stability within Chaos
Watching chaotic events unfold can feel very destabilising and challenging to our sense of safety and security in the world. It can also trigger unconscious memories of previous lives we have had where chaos and destruction has played out, for instance at the end of Atlantis.
If you find yourself feeling unusually fearful this month, recognise that the energies and current events have triggered some buried fear and allow it space to surface and clear. Essences to help you with this would be either, Inner Calm; transforming fear, Feeling Safe; trusting life, Karmic Pink Rose or Strength and Courage Spray; overcoming fear.
In times of chaos and confusion where we feel that our security is threatened, we often forget that we can stabilise ourselves through the simple process of remembering to ground and connect with the Earth. Instead, we tend to draw up anchor and begin to drift in a sea of increasing discomfort in which we are not present to evaluate the actual reality of what is going on. Check out Base Chakra, Earth Star, Mother Earth, Being Present; becoming grounded, and Earth Connection Spray; strong foundations, to see which would most help you regain your balance and equilibrium.

Stay Connected to Yourself
Meditation and living from your heart centre are powerful ways of energising your connection with your true self and the wisdom and guidance that you need to steer you through life, regardless of what is going on around you. Either Inner Focus; enhancing meditation or Soul Connection; enlightenment would help to deepen your experience in meditation, while Heart Chakra, Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind or Unconditional Love would help you stay connected to your heart centre.

Emotional Cleansing
Scorpio energies tend to root around in our emotional storage bins looking for any unhealthy emotions that we might have stored away in them. While this can be an uncomfortable experience it can also be extremely helpful because anything stored away like this is just baggage that we cannot take forward with us.
If you find yourself facing an unexpected emotional trigger this month, just take a moment to breath and allow the emotion space to come into awareness. Do your best to observe it rather than getting sucked into it so that you can make new choices.
Here are a few suggestions for essences that work with some of our most common emotional triggers; Inner Peace; transforming anger, Inner Freedom; transforming judgement, Forgiveness; transforming guilt, Inner Certainty; transforming doubt, Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness, Healing Bereavement; transforming grief, & Letting Go; dissolving attachment.
Lastly, why not treat yourself to one of our Archangel Essence Sprays to help you navigate the waves of change with greater ease and grace. We particularly like to use the Archangel Michael Spray when we feel in need of extra strength & courage and the Violet Flame Spray to help us transmute old energies we no longer need.

Help and advice
If you have questions or need help finding the essences necessary to resolve your difficulties and life needs, please contact us via Whatsapp / Telegram, and we will be happy to help you with your choice.
+ 7 (919) 775 72 85 - Ekaterina or + 7 (926) 158 15 03 - Ivan.

With peace and love!

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