March Energetics Essence Suggestions for March 2017

March Energetics

If you are anything like us you probably have not found the energy flow over the last few weeks particularly comfortable, especially in the two-week period between the recent eclipses.

There was a sense of having been through the washing cycle in a washing machine and emerging ‘cleaner’ but also somewhat dishevelled and disorientated. We wish that we could say that March is going to provide an opportunity to regroup, but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

One of the important themes for March carries right on through from February; the healing of deep old emotional wounds. The other theme brings a focus to our relationships. You may well find yourself engaged on an internal review of how relationships in all areas of your life are working. This process will require a degree of honesty and truthfulness, firstly with ourselves and then with others. It will be important to take responsibility for yourself and your needs and also to back up your intentions with carefully thought through actions.


The Influence of Pisces

The sun moved into Pisces on February 19th initiating a magnification of the qualities and ray energies associated with this constellation. In western astrology Pisces is represented by the sign of two fish apparently swimming in different directions while held together by a thread, a symbol that serves as a constant reminder to us to look beyond the illusion of separation and to bring greater unity to personality and soul.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents the true ending of the spiritual year, so a focus on endings and beginnings is always an important theme at this time of the year. We can expect the watery energies of Pisces to stimulate the cleansing and release of anything that we do not need to take with us into the new zodiacal cycle. Chiron’s continuing presence in Pisces will have the effect of magnifying this theme even more over the next few weeks, taking us deep into the transformational process of releasing any old painful ‘stories’ from past adventures in time and space that we have not yet laid to rest.

Kindness and compassion are qualities inherent within Piscean energy so remember to invite them into your healing process; everything will transform easier when held within these vibrations.

The Healing Power of Allowing

The current energetic focus is geared towards helping us to review, resolve and release old stories so that we can move on in greater wholeness.

Piscean energy can be very revealing of where we have got stuck in the illusion of separation and duality. It particularly highlights those aspects of personality that have created identities that are not in resonance with our true self.

These identities usually have a very compelling ‘storyline’ that is held in place by a complex web of emotions and defence patterns designed to keep us safe. For example, the pain of perceived rejection and abandonment interwoven with the belief that we are not good enough or a deep fear of failure that constantly sabotages our ability to be creative in life. More often than not these old patterns play out almost unconsciously until something triggers them into our awareness.

The current energetic focus is very much geared towards helping us to review, resolve and release these old stories so that we can move on in greater wholeness. However, to make the most of this healing opportunity we will need to stay very grounded and aware. Most of us instinctively go into resistance when one of our ‘story aspects’ is triggered, especially when the related emotions are deep and painful. We may project the pain onto a relationship or event in our current life situation without pausing to consider how real this actually is. Many people also try desperately to fix aspects of themselves that they dislike as though there is something wrong with them.

If you should find yourself in any of these situations this month try replacing 'Resistance' with 'Allowing'. Allowing is a very powerful catalyst for transformation because it provides the opportunity for us to see a different perspective than the one previously held. Simply allow what is presenting itself to you, to be there without judgement. Open your heart to it and invite it to have a voice, recognising that it is a wounded part of yourself that wants recognition and integration. Be allowing of the emotions that surface without attaching them to anything, so that they can dissipate and dissolve.

As you make friends with these wounded aspects of self they become your allies and the gifts that they bring strengthen your ability to live life as your true self.

Essence Suggestions for March

March promises to be a full-on month energetically with the potential for much positive inner growth if we can just remember to stay focussed on what is happening for us.

However, Piscean energy tends to magnify our connection to the collective consciousness, making it more difficult to discern whether what we feel is actually related to us or just a general vibration that is part of the energetic ‘soup’ we live within. One of the vibrations that is particularly prevalent in the collective consciousness right now is an unsettling undercurrent of fear and anxiety. If you have been aware of feeling an uncomfortable energy that you can’t quite put your finger on recently, this is most likely what you have been picking up on.

Currently, this seems to be a very common experience for many people so we thought that we would start this month’s essence suggestions with some combinations to help resolve this problem. Checkout Inner Calm; dissolving fear, Strength & Courage; overcoming fear and Feeling Safe; trusting life, to see which would most help you.

Now let’s move on to some essences that might make it easier to Allow rather than Resist if old stories get triggered for you this month. A very persistent underlying theme of many old stories relates to the idea that as humans we are inherently ‘bad’ and must somehow make ourselves ‘good’. This can be clearly seen in religious doctrines that have been carefully arranged to make us feel that we can only contact Source/God through an external authority and that we must follow the rules laid down by that authority if we are to have any hope of redeeming our inherent sinfulness. While we might now consciously reject this dis-empowering legacy, the unconscious residual patterning lives on in the form of an underlying sense of unworthiness and/or inability to forgive ourselves.

Lack of compassion, unworthiness and a lack of forgiveness make it very difficult to integrate aspects of ourselves that we consider ‘not OK’. ?So, for anyone who would like support to help dissolve any of these old vibrations this month, we recommend a bottle or two of our Forgiveness; transforming guilt combination. A Heartfelt Forgiveness, or Purity of Heart combination might also be helpful essences to follow on with if more help is needed. For that underlying feeling of not being good enough consider either Feeling Worthy; transforming unworthiness or Self-Acceptance; restoring unconditionality.

Judgement is a vibration very closely associated with an inability to forgive so if this is illuminated for you this month an Inner Freedom; transforming judgement combination would be very supportive to help you release and move on.

Compassion is a vibration associated with the higher heart chakra so for help to anchor this energy more consistently into your life experience choose either a Higher Heart Chakra or Unconditional Love combination.

Finally, here is a reminder of two spray combinations from our Pure Vibrations Collection that might be particularly helpful this month; Angelic Gifts; friends in high places to help you get a higher perspective on any uncomfortable issue that might arise or you and Positive Vibrations; cleansing negativity to help keep your energy field and environment clear & sparkling.

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