The Energy of November 2021: How to Maintain Balance, Stability and a Feeling of Well-Being in Times of Chaos, Traveling Through the Waves of Change

The Energies of November
The energies of November will take us ever deeper into the flow of transformational energy that has been steadily gathering in pace and intensity throughout October.
This is positive, focussed energy with its attention on helping us to expand our consciousness so that we can grow and evolve. However, it is not going to wait politely for us make up our minds to change, so we could experience it as being quite edgy and intense.
There is potential for change to take place in dramatic, fast - moving and unexpected ways this month as old and new ideologies clash in the world. Indeed, endings will be a strong theme over the next few weeks, something that will continue on into the early part of next year.
One of the dominant themes this month centres on the exposure of corruption, lack of integrity and accountability, particularly with respect to large organisations, governments, and individuals in positions of power. Also, with the sun in Scorpio we can expect revelations and deep dark secrets to come to the fore revealing those things that are not for the highest good.

New Moon
The new moon was on November 4th and we may experience a particularly intense period around this time as the Sun and Moon in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. Unexpected events on the world stage could challenge our sense of security or we may find ourselves surprised by a revelation that brings a startling clarity to something we had not wanted to look at, individually or collectively.
This is not comfortable energy but remember that healing / change can only take place when we choose to take ownership of a problem or issue. The solution is then able to present itself. To help us with this Venus is conjunct the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius over this period which will facilitate a flow of high frequency light and information, expansive energies that will help us to vision something new for our future.

Energies of June 2021 - How to manage your vibrations (feelings, thoughts) and to build your Reality in this World

The Energies of June

As we begin the month of June we are between eclipses, and you may well be feeling as though you are in a strange, unsettling portal of time where you are unsure of how to proceed. If this is the case for you, just allow and move with it, all is well.

The powerful south node lunar eclipse on May 26th brought completion to anything old and outdated while the new beginnings that will follow are still to arrive with the north node solar eclipse on June 10th. Lean into the unsettledness and allow it to show you the way to something new and important for your future.

The whole of June and beyond may well feel intense and unsettling as we negotiate the need for re-evaluation and redirection in our lives. As unsettling as it might feel this is a hugely positive period of opportunity and one that we would do well to approach with respect and a degree of focussed intention.

March Energetics Essence Suggestions for March 2017

March Energetics

If you are anything like us you probably have not found the energy flow over the last few weeks particularly comfortable, especially in the two-week period between the recent eclipses.

There was a sense of having been through the washing cycle in a washing machine and emerging ‘cleaner’ but also somewhat dishevelled and disorientated. We wish that we could say that March is going to provide an opportunity to regroup, but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

One of the important themes for March carries right on through from February; the healing of deep old emotional wounds. The other theme brings a focus to our relationships. You may well find yourself engaged on an internal review of how relationships in all areas of your life are working. This process will require a degree of honesty and truthfulness, firstly with ourselves and then with others. It will be important to take responsibility for yourself and your needs and also to back up your intentions with carefully thought through actions.


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