How Vibration Essences Work

How Vibration Essences Work

A person is a multidimensional harmonious combination of low-frequency fields - a physical body with many systems and fields of high-frequency energies, which are usually called subtle bodies.

The subtle bodies play an important role in maintaining health, since any pathology in the development of cells is usually preceded by the appearance of energy imbalances in the etheric body. In the physical body, the disease begins to develop only after the occurrence of disruptions in the passage of energy flows in the high-frequency structures of subtle bodies. One of the best ways to correct disturbances in subtle bodies is to direct subtle energy vibrations of certain frequencies to an unbalanced area.

When we talk about vibration, we mean frequency. Different energy frequencies correspond to different levels of vibration. Matter and energy are manifestations of the original energetic substance that forms the Universe and all types of matter, including our physical and subtle bodies. The vibrational level of this universal energy determines the density of the formed matter. Physical matter is characterized by a rather low frequency, and a substance with a frequency exceeding the frequency of light radiation is called subtle matter. Moreover, subtle matter is as real as physical.

For the treatment of subtle bodies, we must be able to influence them energetically, but the frequency of the energy used in this case is not available for perception by our senses. It is this kind of high frequency, subtle energies that are found in vibrational elixirs and essences.

The disease arises as a result of disharmony between the physical plane of a person and his Higher Self. Reflections of this internal disharmony can be found in the peculiarities of thinking and worldview inherent in a person. Subtle vibrational energies can contribute to a change for the better in those features of the emotional order that were the direct cause of the disease or problem.

Unlike traditional drug therapy, which affects only the physical, cellular level, energetic methods, in particular vibrational essences, affect higher levels - emotional, mental and spiritual. The influence of the subtle bodies determines the susceptibility of the physical body to diseases caused by external or internal pathogenic factors.

Essences increase the body's resistance by harmonizing higher energy systems.

How essences help us

After the essence or elixir is taken internally, applied to the skin or sprayed into our aura, this multidimensional substance travels a certain path through the physical and subtle bodies.

The essence moves from the zone located between the nervous and circulatory systems to the energy meridians. Through them, the life force moves to the chakras, then to the subtle bodies, and returns back to the cellular level of the physical body through several channels between the nervous and circulatory systems, enriched with energy coming from the Higher bodies. The life force path is determined by the type of essences used and the personality traits.

The process itself happens instantly, but it takes some time to feel its results.

During the passage of energy, it interacts with frequencies that block, interfere or impede its free flow. These frequencies are nothing more than feelings, emotions, patterns, beliefs, and worldview features that we have accumulated that prevent the flow of energy from higher subtle bodies. All life questions, illnesses, difficulties and inability are only a reflection and result of the action of the energies accumulated by us, which we unconsciously carry in ourselves. With the systematic directed and focused interaction of the vibrations of the essence with the frequency of the question being worked out, the energy that impedes the passage of the flow of life force is neutralized and transformed. After that, the true cause underlying the issue is revealed, which we can revise and easily eliminate, being in a vibration that already exceeds the frequency of the problem.

This mechanism works the same in all areas of our life, be it physical health, financial well-being, harmonious personal and family relationships, spiritual growth and the realization of our destiny.

Using essences

Using vibrational essences helps us to feel and gently let go of the old layers of buried emotions, feelings and thoughts that unconsciously create us, our lives, and how we respond to situations and people in our lives are patterns that we are often not aware of at all. This is the most important process, as it offers us the strengthening of our own capabilities to create real and lasting changes in our lives, along with the expansion of consciousness that we need to connect with Spirit.
Using essences we see: what is the cause of the problem we are trying to solve, and not the symptoms that this problem has caused. By addressing personality issues from an appropriate vibration frequency, we can support and enhance a process that will ultimately create profound and lasting changes in our lives.

Essences work even if we don't want to

A wonderful feature of essences is that over a certain period of time they help a person to change, even if on a personal level he, it may seem, does not want to change anything. The process of change is happening to us and around us constantly and right now, whether we like it or not. The only choice we have is whether we change with dignity and deliberately, or create difficulties for ourselves by resisting change! Problems in the physical body always have their causes in matters held in the emotional and mental bodies. The process of liberation from them can be accompanied by "transformation symptoms" of the physical body. They usually don't last very long if the energy system is in alignment and working well. However, when people have very deep, long-standing issues that they do not want to let go of, the new flow of energy that we are currently experiencing is the cause of many physical ailments because the cleansing cannot be successfully completed. In this case, using essences will help complete the cleansing, but symptoms can usually last longer.

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