How to choose the Essences

Help in choosing Essences

It is easy and simple to choose essences for yourself or someone else. Above all, keep in mind that you want to find and fix the cause - the underlying issue, not the symptoms. It is better to start working with the questions that are most obvious at the moment, and which are most manifesting and bothering you right now. When you are done with the current ones, there may be other questions or problems on the surface that require your attention.

Essences can be chosen rationally, intuitively, or a combination of both.

Rational Choice

First you need to decide what issues you want to work through. Further you can read the descriptions of essences in the sections of this site (or our catalog) and see which essences would be most useful for solving your questions.

Intuitive Choice

Using your intuition / inner knowledge, dowsing, or muscle testing can all be powerful ways to select an essence for the job, or to validate a choice you've made rationally. Before starting such work, find a quiet, secluded place to focus within yourself and ask for help from your Higher Self.

Pregnant and lactating mothers

For both nursing and expectant mothers, Bach essences will be your best choice for self-diagnosis.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our consultants. They will be able to recommend the most suitable essences for your particular situation.

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