How essences are created

Each flower, gem, crystal or mineral is placed in clean water in a thin glass bowl and left in full sun in the morning for three hours. Using the natural power of the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - the life force or energy of the flower or mineral used is transferred to the water *.

This unique positive energy is then stored in cognac (brandy) or vodka, thereby creating a matrix tincture, which is then enhanced using crystals, pyramids and natural elements, according to the guide. No physical parts of the flower or minerals are used in the matrix tincture - these are purely vibrational frequencies or energies.

Matrix tinctures are then diluted, manually labeled and filled into small bottles with love and care. You can see these bottles on our website.

* All matrix tinctures are made in this way, with the exception of the 18 Bach Flower Essences - they are made by boiling according to the directions of Dr. Bach.

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