Essences for Children

Using Bach Flower Essences and Flower Essences, Gems and Crystals with Children

Children react very quickly to vibration essences, so it is important to choose the most appropriate type of essence when using them with children, especially for babies and very young children.

Here are some general guidelines and suggestions for different age groups.

0 - 7 years old

For this age, we recommend using only Dr. Bach's Flower Essences. A properly selected combination of no more than 4 or 5 essences will help to quickly return the child to a balanced state. Most children enjoy taking essences directly on their tongues, but you can dilute them in a little water or other drinks. 4 drops 4 times a day is sufficient for this age. For babies, essences can be added to a bath of water, as well as rubbed on the points where the pulse is felt.

Essence recommendations depending on the tasks that need to be solved.

Fear, Anxiety: Mimulus, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Aspen and White Chestnut if mental anxiety is present.
Anger: Holly.
Wines: Pine.
Intolerance: Beech.
Doubt, uncertainty: Gentian, and Cerato and Scleranthus as additional options.
Development of self-esteem: depends on how the problem manifests itself in the first place - Crab Apple and Pine, possibly also Larch.
Development of focus, concentration: Clematis, Scleranthus.
Development of creativity: Agrimony and may also need Mimulus and Larch.
Confidence: Larch
Stress, tension: Vervain is an excellent remedy when tension is caused by hyperactivity. The question "Stress" needs to be divided into aspects in order to find the right essence. Stress can be triggered by fear (see above), shock (using Star of Bethlehem), bullying (Centaury), etc.
Emotional problems and pain: Chicory will help with feelings of unloved, although you need to watch how this feeling manifests itself in the individual. For example, is the child closed - in this case Water Violet, or is he experiencing fits of anger, then Holly + Walnut + Scleranthus.
Healing the inner child: the choice here depends on what kind of help a particular child needs.
Impatience: Impatiens.
Disappointment: Gentian, Gorse.
Grief, Sadness, Loss: Star of Bethlehem, Walnut and Honeysuckle taken together are very beneficial, and essences can be added based on the individual's reaction to the situation.
Attachments: in case of protection from negative entities - Walnut and Crab Apple. With excessive attachment to people, things, etc. - Chicory and Walnut.
Developing Forgiveness: Pine.
Healing violence, abuse; Star of Bethlehem, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Gentian and Walnut.
Loneliness: Water Violet.
Self Disclosure: It is necessary to look at what is holding back the expression - probably a mixture of the states mentioned above. Children 5, 6, or 7 years old usually find themselves quickly when these conditions are brought into balance.
Life in the Now: Clematis.

Combination for emergencies (Revival Remedy) - should always be kept close at hand to calm emotions in case of blows, bruises, accidents. This combination is also useful for night fears in conjunction with Aspen and Mimulus.

Agrimony, Larch and Mimulus - for timid and fearful children;
Vervain - for hyperactive children;
Holly, Walnut and Vine - for hysterics;
Chicory, Willow and Holly - with rivalry between children;
Clematis - for inattentive and dreamy children;
Revival Remedy Cream is always good for children and adults.

8 - 12 years old

Bach flower essences are also very effective with this age group, however we suggest that you increase the frequency of intake to 6 times a day, 4 drops. In addition, some of the individual flower and gemstone essences can be applied at this age. Start with one essence, taking 4 drops 2 times a day, this is likely to be enough for most children. Closer to the age of 12, you can mix up to 3 separate essences in one combination - the maximum dose is 3 times a day, 4 drops.

Essence recommendations depending on the tasks that need to be solved.

Fear, anxiety: Garlic, St John's Wort, Pink Rose.
Anger: Garlic, Rose of Sharon.
Feelings of guilt: Hyssop.
Intolerance: Beryl, Silver Birch.
Doubt, uncertainty: Pink Geranium, Ruby.
Self-esteem development: Perdita.
Development of attention, concentration: Forget me not, Celandine.
Creativity development: Just Joey.
Confidence: Geum, Ruby.
Stress, tension: Larimar, Bells of Ireland and Chamomile.
Emotional pain or problems: Bleeding Heart in case of loss, abandonment, unloved, etc. Clear Quartz - in case of emotional instability / mood swings.
Healing the inner child: Zinnia can also provide general support for some.
Impatience: Azurite / malachite.
Disappointment: Rosemary.
Grief, sorrow, loss: Snowdrop, Basil, Larimar.
Attachments: Pennyroyal - in the case of working with negative entities, Bleeding Heart - in the case of emotional attachment.
Forgiveness: Ruby Red Rose.
Healing Violence, Abuse: Irene of Denmark, White Chicory.
Loneliness: Iceberg Rose.
To find and discover the true essence: Regensberg Rose.
For life in now: Loosestrife.

Pansy is a great tool for everyone to support children who are especially susceptible to everyday childhood illnesses.
Celandine - useful for those who have difficulty working with information.
Harebell - useful for very shy kids.
Petunia - useful for mischievous and hyperactive children.
Nettle - Helps children cope with family hardships such as divorce or adoption.
Garlic - for timid and filled with fears children.

Age over 12 years old

After twelve years, you can start offering the following series of flower, gem and crystal essences:

Essences of Divine Harmony

Essences for Chakras

Pink collection

Essences Inner Child

However, we recommend that you reduce the dose to 2 or 3 times a day, 4 drops each.

We do not recommend giving Karmic essences to children under 12 years old or Rainbow Lightbody Essences to children under 16 years old.

The use of vibrating essences is not a substitute for qualified medical care.

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