Frequently Asked Questions

How many essences can I take at once?

This is perhaps one of the questions we are asked most often and the answer depends on which of our essences groups you are wishing to work with.

  • Bach Flower Remedies - We recommend that you use these remedies made up into combinations of 7 or 8 individual remedies. It is better not to include essences from other groups in these combinations. However a well-chosen combination of Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies can often be very helpful when taken alongside one of our deeper acting combinations.
  • Single FlowerGem & Crystal Essences - you can take up to 4 or 5 of these essences together either separately or in a combination. To make a combination mix equal quantities of each chosen essence in a clean bottle. You could also order your chosen essences made into a combination by us.
  • Karmic Essences - Take these separately from each other (and other essences except Bach Flower Remedies). Follow the dosage instructions carefully for these.
  • Angel Essences & Archangel/ Ascended Master Essences - You can take these separately or mix 2 or 3 together, although it is often more powerful to work with each Angel separately.
  • Divine Harmony Essences Chakra CombinationsRose CombinationsInner Child Essences and Light Body Essences - each of these is a powerful combination of at least 4 different essences so we recommend that you take these one at a time and do not take any other essences other than Bach Flower Remedies at the same time.

See Essences for Children page for more information for children.


What will happen if I take an 'incorrect essence'?

Unlike chemical medicines vibrational essences are basically self-adjusting. If you choose an essence that you do not really need it will simply cancel itself out in your bodies energy system.


What size bottle should I choose?

From our own experience of taking essences and from observing how they work on those we treat with them, we would recommend that in general you choose a 25ml size rather than a 10ml size. The reason for this is because you are taking the essence over a longer period of time, which often produces better results. The Bach Flower Remedies are different as these are meant to be diluted down to a treatment bottle, so a 10ml size will often last a long time, unless you are treating lots of people, in which case a 25ml size might be more appropriate.


Can I give essences to my animals?

Many people are finding that their animals gain great benefit from using essences. Bach Flower Remedies are usually a good place to start with animals - you can easily add the remedies to the animals water or food bowl. Remember that you will need to use larger quantities of remedies for bigger animals like horses. Garlic Flower Essence & Snap Dragon Flower Essence are also a very useful essences for animals as taken over a period of time they will create an energetic pulse in the auric field of an animal that is irritating to insects.


I feel that I need so many essences - how do I know which to start with?

You can't work with everything at once so choose essences to work with the issues that are most predominant first. There is more help with this on the Choosing an essence page.


My symptoms have become worse since starting to take the essences - should I stop taking them?

This is really a very good sign, however for those of us who have become used to visiting the doctors for something to take away our symptoms it might feel a little strange or even disturbing at first. Do be reassured that this is both temporary and helpful. Under these circumstances it is better not to stop taking the essences completely but to reduce the dose to perhaps 2 or 3 x a day until you feel more comfortable. A combination of the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies will also often help to bring balance to how you feel.

Why does this happen? Vibrational essences work by releasing old blocked energy - if you are quite sensitive you will be more likely notice that your emotional/mental patterns become more conscious or obvious while you are taking essences. For some this might be a process that takes place in the dream state while for others it will be more conscious. The more you can allow this process to take place the quicker the issues will clear away.


I have been using essences but I am not sure whether they are working?

If you are comparatively new to taking essences you may find that it is a little while before you notice big changes in yourself. Essences work slowly and subtly over a period of time so be patient and know that change is taking place gradually. Very often if you look back over a period of a few months of taking essences you will be able to see a change in the way you react to the situations and events in your life which is new and positive. This is your clue that the essences are working.


Can I order as a Practitioner or as a Wholesaler?


Practitioners.. If you are a qualified Practitioner you are eligable for a practitioner discount. 

Wholesalers.. If you run a shop, webshop or retail outlet you can apply for a Wholesale account.

Essences and Personal Growth

Wider perspective on spiritual & personal growth

Personal and spiritual growth is essentially the process of human evolution in action. It is through the effort that each of us makes to grow and evolve at an individual level that the collective group of humanity moves forward as a whole. In the last thirty years or so we have seen a massive increase in the numbers of people interested in the subject of ‘personal growth’ in all its varied aspects. Indeed it has become an ever-growing field as, with perfect timing, we each respond to an inner calling to explore beyond our perceived limitations, and to awaken to higher truths and new levels of consciousness.

Cycle of Human Evolution

Personal and spiritual growth is essentially the process of human evolution in action

There have been many cycles of human evolution on our planet, each one with its particular focus of growth. The period that we now live in is one of immense opportunity in that it offers us the possibility of making a quantum leap in evolution both individually and collectively.

We are currently completing a cycle of many thousands of years in which we have explored duality consciousness to the absolute limit of its possibilities. A fundamental belief in the separateness of one aspect of life from another is the legacy of this exploration and one that is responsible for the common reality that we currently all share. However the next cycle, now fast approaching, requires us to be ready to embrace unity consciousness, a state in which we recognise the interconnectedness of all life. This is a very different paradigm, based on the wisdom of the heart and an understanding of the spiritual dimensions of life.

A process of inner growth is required for us to move from one paradigm to the next and as we can see from the explosion of interest in personal & spiritual growth this is exactly what has been happening for some years now.

How Vibrational Essences can help

Vibrational essences are amazing catalysts for change, transformation and inner growth. They are extremely effective used as a therapy in their own right but can also be used to support any other therapy that seeks to create greater unity and wholeness within an individual.

Essences are amazing catalysts for change, transformation and
inner growth.

Vibrational essences come from a tradition that recognises unity as a fundamental truth of life so they are ideal tools to help move us into the new paradigm. Used systematically they encourage a process of inner growth and transformation that gradually expands our awareness until we perceive ourselves as part of an interconnected stream of life and can consciously remember that we are spiritual beings in the midst of a physical experience on Earth.

The next stage in this ever unfolding process of growth is to allow our spirit to be the guiding force in our lives, so that mind, emotions and spirit can function as an integrated whole. Currently we are all at different stages in the process of creating this inner integration of spirit and matter.

To be successful we must raise the vibrational level of our personality (mind & emotions) to a level that blends harmoniously with that of our spirit. No matter where we might be on our personal journey to greater integration, essences can be an invaluable tool to assist us since the positive natural vibrations that they contain, gently transform the lower frequency energies that keep us stuck in old patterns and ways of behaviour.

Using Essences to support your Personal Journey

Like individual threads in a giant tapestry we are each contributing to the greater picture of life on earth as we weave our way through our own personal life journey. However, it can be all too easy to become immersed in the everyday events of our own journey and forget to remember that the experiences we are having are in reality a co creation, chosen by us to help us in our quest for greater harmony and balance. This can sometimes seem very far from the truth when life appears harsh, painful or a struggle in some way, however it is exactly these experiences that are our greatest gifts because they offer us doorways of opportunity.

When we experience a lack of balance or disharmony in some area of our lives it is simply a signal to us that our personality (mind & emotions) is somehow out of harmony with our spirit. Understanding that this is what is happening gives us the empowering opportunity to make the necessary changes simply by focussing on the parts of our personality that have become stuck in old thoughts & beliefs or where we are entertaining less than positive emotions. Often this is easy and we can see without difficulty those aspects of ourselves that have become stuck and need help. We can then choose an essence or combination of essences that will help to transform the old energies so that they can be recycled into more positive life affirming energies. Sometimes however it is more difficult to identify the root of the issue because it is buried in some long forgotten experience or old trauma that needs release and transformation.

Using the Law of Attraction

When we are having difficulty uncovering the parts of ourselves that have become stuck we can often gain valuable help and insight from simply observing what we are attracting into our lives, particularly those things, events or people that trigger us off in some way. The mirror of the universe is always exact and will mirror back to us through the Law of Attraction, those parts of ourselves that we prefer not to acknowledge. The Universal Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and therefore ensures that we draw towards us those that carry similar patterns to ourselves. More on the Universal Law of Attraction

The gifts of our family legacy

It can be very enlightening to review the issues that are reflected to us from the family that we chose to incarnate into, because our choice of family patterns is often one designed to bring our attention to deeply held beliefs within ourselves that we have been unable to see in previous lifetimes.

Sometimes we are only able to accept certain parts of our personalities, while rejecting others perhaps as unsafe or painful

Taking a little time to review the relationship between ourselves and our parents & siblings, as well as the interactions between one parent and the other or between our family unit and the outside world, will often provide us with valuable insights about ourselves. Sometimes we are only able to accept certain parts of our personalities, while rejecting others perhaps as unsafe or painful. It is by looking at those we have chosen as companions that we are able to see and heal these rejected parts. This process requires courage, humility and forgiveness and can be one of the most difficult on our inner journey. However, it is also very rewarding for those prepared to look behind seemingly difficult and often painful circumstances.

Accepting, and moving on

Once we can see the issues that need to be addressed within ourselves clearly, the first step in the process of transformation is always that of acceptance, or ownership of the issue. From that space, using the appropriate vibrational essences to help transform the old energy will normally instigate a quick process of change that will leave us feeling more balanced and in harmony with our true self.

How Vibration Essences Work

How Vibration Essences Work

A person is a multidimensional harmonious combination of low-frequency fields - a physical body with many systems and fields of high-frequency energies, which are usually called subtle bodies.

The subtle bodies play an important role in maintaining health, since any pathology in the development of cells is usually preceded by the appearance of energy imbalances in the etheric body. In the physical body, the disease begins to develop only after the occurrence of disruptions in the passage of energy flows in the high-frequency structures of subtle bodies. One of the best ways to correct disturbances in subtle bodies is to direct subtle energy vibrations of certain frequencies to an unbalanced area.

When we talk about vibration, we mean frequency. Different energy frequencies correspond to different levels of vibration. Matter and energy are manifestations of the original energetic substance that forms the Universe and all types of matter, including our physical and subtle bodies. The vibrational level of this universal energy determines the density of the formed matter. Physical matter is characterized by a rather low frequency, and a substance with a frequency exceeding the frequency of light radiation is called subtle matter. Moreover, subtle matter is as real as physical.

For the treatment of subtle bodies, we must be able to influence them energetically, but the frequency of the energy used in this case is not available for perception by our senses. It is this kind of high frequency, subtle energies that are found in vibrational elixirs and essences.

The disease arises as a result of disharmony between the physical plane of a person and his Higher Self. Reflections of this internal disharmony can be found in the peculiarities of thinking and worldview inherent in a person. Subtle vibrational energies can contribute to a change for the better in those features of the emotional order that were the direct cause of the disease or problem.

Unlike traditional drug therapy, which affects only the physical, cellular level, energetic methods, in particular vibrational essences, affect higher levels - emotional, mental and spiritual. The influence of the subtle bodies determines the susceptibility of the physical body to diseases caused by external or internal pathogenic factors.

Essences increase the body's resistance by harmonizing higher energy systems.

How essences help us

After the essence or elixir is taken internally, applied to the skin or sprayed into our aura, this multidimensional substance travels a certain path through the physical and subtle bodies.

The essence moves from the zone located between the nervous and circulatory systems to the energy meridians. Through them, the life force moves to the chakras, then to the subtle bodies, and returns back to the cellular level of the physical body through several channels between the nervous and circulatory systems, enriched with energy coming from the Higher bodies. The life force path is determined by the type of essences used and the personality traits.

The process itself happens instantly, but it takes some time to feel its results.

During the passage of energy, it interacts with frequencies that block, interfere or impede its free flow. These frequencies are nothing more than feelings, emotions, patterns, beliefs, and worldview features that we have accumulated that prevent the flow of energy from higher subtle bodies. All life questions, illnesses, difficulties and inability are only a reflection and result of the action of the energies accumulated by us, which we unconsciously carry in ourselves. With the systematic directed and focused interaction of the vibrations of the essence with the frequency of the question being worked out, the energy that impedes the passage of the flow of life force is neutralized and transformed. After that, the true cause underlying the issue is revealed, which we can revise and easily eliminate, being in a vibration that already exceeds the frequency of the problem.

This mechanism works the same in all areas of our life, be it physical health, financial well-being, harmonious personal and family relationships, spiritual growth and the realization of our destiny.

Using essences

Using vibrational essences helps us to feel and gently let go of the old layers of buried emotions, feelings and thoughts that unconsciously create us, our lives, and how we respond to situations and people in our lives are patterns that we are often not aware of at all. This is the most important process, as it offers us the strengthening of our own capabilities to create real and lasting changes in our lives, along with the expansion of consciousness that we need to connect with Spirit.
Using essences we see: what is the cause of the problem we are trying to solve, and not the symptoms that this problem has caused. By addressing personality issues from an appropriate vibration frequency, we can support and enhance a process that will ultimately create profound and lasting changes in our lives.

Essences work even if we don't want to

A wonderful feature of essences is that over a certain period of time they help a person to change, even if on a personal level he, it may seem, does not want to change anything. The process of change is happening to us and around us constantly and right now, whether we like it or not. The only choice we have is whether we change with dignity and deliberately, or create difficulties for ourselves by resisting change! Problems in the physical body always have their causes in matters held in the emotional and mental bodies. The process of liberation from them can be accompanied by "transformation symptoms" of the physical body. They usually don't last very long if the energy system is in alignment and working well. However, when people have very deep, long-standing issues that they do not want to let go of, the new flow of energy that we are currently experiencing is the cause of many physical ailments because the cleansing cannot be successfully completed. In this case, using essences will help complete the cleansing, but symptoms can usually last longer.

How to Use An Essences

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences are simple and easy to use.

How to Use An Essence

Essences are normally taken orally 4 drops on or under the tongue.

Allow the essence to mix with the saliva in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing. Ensure when taking essences that the glass dropper does not touch the tongue or the essence may become contaminated.

It is better to take essences at least ten minutes away from food.

Dosage Instructions

For specific dosage instructions, please see the Dosages page, where you'll find a link to each Essence section and their relevant dosage guidelines.

For more information on using Essences with Children, please visit our Essences for Children page.

How many Essences can I use at one time?

Bach Flower Remedies

We recommend that you use these remedies made up into combinations of 7 or 8 individual remedies, which will help you to work on a number of different issues at the same time. We don't recommend including essences from other groups in these combinations.

A well-chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies is very helpful in its own right, but can also be very helpful when taken alongside one of our deeper acting combinations.

Single Flower Essences & Gem/Crystal Essences

You can take up to 6 of these essences together either separately or in a combination. To make a combination mix equal quantities of each chosen essence in a clean bottle.

We wouldn't normally recommend using any other essences other whilst using a combination of this type, except the Bach Remedies.

Karmic Essences

Take these separately from each other (and other essences except Bach Flower Remedies). Follow the dosage instructions carefully for these.

Angel Essences

You can take these separately or mix 2 or 3 together, although it is often more powerful to work with each Angel separately.

Divine Harmony Essences, Chakra Essences, Rose Collection Combinations, Inner Child Essences and Light Body Essences

Each of these is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so we recommend that you take these one at a time and do not take any essences other than Bach Flower Remedies at the same time.

Expectant or nursing mothers and children

Expectant or nursing mothers

As a nursing or expectant mother Crystal Herbs Bach Flower Remedies would be your best choice for self diagnosis.

Before using any of the other essences on this site we recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

How to choose the Essences

Help in choosing Essences

It is easy and simple to choose essences for yourself or someone else. Above all, keep in mind that you want to find and fix the cause - the underlying issue, not the symptoms. It is better to start working with the questions that are most obvious at the moment, and which are most manifesting and bothering you right now. When you are done with the current ones, there may be other questions or problems on the surface that require your attention.

Essences can be chosen rationally, intuitively, or a combination of both.

Rational Choice

First you need to decide what issues you want to work through. Further you can read the descriptions of essences in the sections of this site (or our catalog) and see which essences would be most useful for solving your questions.

Intuitive Choice

Using your intuition / inner knowledge, dowsing, or muscle testing can all be powerful ways to select an essence for the job, or to validate a choice you've made rationally. Before starting such work, find a quiet, secluded place to focus within yourself and ask for help from your Higher Self.

Pregnant and lactating mothers

For both nursing and expectant mothers, Bach essences will be your best choice for self-diagnosis.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our consultants. They will be able to recommend the most suitable essences for your particular situation.

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