A holistic view of a Human

The information in this section offers you a point of view and perspective on life that is currently outside the conventional wisdom, although this will not always be the case. As consciousness expands on the planet, more and more people are beginning to look beyond the mainstream of conventional wisdom in search of more holistic ways to create harmony, balance and well-being in their lives.

Vibrating essences created from the energies of flowers, gems, crystals and minerals are an important part of this unfolding future. We hope this information gives you a starting point to help you understand how to use these great tools to their fullest.

Vibration Medicine Fundamentals

Vibration essences are a form of “vibrational medicine,” a term often used today to describe the ancient knowledge of how to use energy or vibrational frequencies to create balance, harmony and unity in mind and spirit.

Vibration medicine is based on principles that combine the understanding of the modern cutting edge of quantum physics with ancient spiritual wisdom that has come down to us through many ancient cultures and esoteric traditions. Although they differ in their language of expression, both recognize the unifying force that binds all creation, and understand that everything that exists, no matter how solid it seems, actually consists of one basic energy: light vibrating at different speeds.

From this point of view, neither our physical bodies, nor the world in which we live, can no longer be regarded as frozen, stationary structures or structures that we simply inhabit. Instead, they should be seen as a flexible, fluid reality of which we are a part and which we constantly influence. Endless possibilities for new creations exist in this quantum soup of energy and consciousness. Advanced science is indeed currently providing us with evidence that we have the ability to structure the particles of light from which we and our reality are created, in the form, kind or image that we choose. Currently, most of us do this unconsciously through the power of our beliefs and our emotional and mental patterns. But we gradually begin to realize that life is indeed a fulfilling prophecy itself, and whatever holds our shared reality in place around us is actually our collective belief in it.

A new picture of man

What does all this mean for each of us? First of all, it means that we are much more than what mainstream education or the health care system has led us to believe. The part of ourselves visible from the point of view of an energetic perspective, which we experience as a solid physical level, is only a small part of who we really are and, most importantly, in fact, it is not the main guiding force in our life. To understand ourselves more fully, we must allow our consciousness to go beyond purely physical boundaries and acknowledge the presence of other layers of energy and consciousness that support our physical existence.

One way that can help us understand this is to see all of creation as a system for generating electricity. To be useful to us, the output voltage from the power plant must be gradually reduced through substations and transformers until it reaches our electricity meters, where it is finally converted into energy that is safe to use. In the same way, the creative energy of Source gradually descends below and below the vibrational layers of interconnected energy until it vibrates slowly enough to form physical matter. So we, as human beings, are actually made up of many layers of vibrating energy, each with its own specific vibration frequency and purpose. Our physical part is created and supported by these energy layers. This is an amazing vessel in which we, as a soul, can experience the physical plane of being.

Personality (physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies)

In order to experience harmony, balance and well-being in every aspect of life, it is important that all layers of vibrating energy that contribute to our existence function together as a whole. From the point of view of our physical existence, the most important of these layers of energy are those that relate to the soul and personality.


The soul is a part of ourselves that seems to exist outside of everyday reality as we currently understand it. However, this is a very important aspect of our multidimensional self, because it contains the vibrations of our true essence and is an important link in our connection with Source. The template for the optimal movement of our life is stored at the level of the Soul, as well as our experience, gifts and talents from other lives. While we are experiencing life on the physical plane we are connected to our soul through a permanent atom in our heart chakra. When we allow our soul to communicate with us unhindered, it provides us with light, love, direction, and inspiration in life. Difficulties arise when a person does not recognize the soul as the primary directive in life, in fact, cutting off the flow of life-giving energy from this level of our being.


Personality is a part of ourselves through which we live our daily life. In the context that we use here, the term personality encompasses the mind, emotions, as well as the physical body. Each of these aspects of personality is formed from separate but interconnected layers of energy vibrating at different speeds or frequencies.

Mind (mental body)

Typically, our predominant mental experience is through our left hemispheric aspect of the brain, which evaluates everything that happens to us based on the memories of the past that are stored in our lower mental body. It is the logical, analytical, critical aspect of ourselves that we experience in our daily mental rustle. We also have the right hemispheric aspect of the brain, which allows us to access our creativity, intuition and the expansiveness of our soul and universal mind through our higher mental body. Ideally, we want both of these parts of the mind to work together. However, very often the lower mind becomes locked into old patterns and beliefs that unconsciously and automatically guide our lives, effectively cutting us off from the broader vision and understanding available to us from the Soul through the higher mind.

Emotions (emotional body)

Emotional energy is a powerful force that fills our thoughts to become beliefs, so it is very important that we are able to maintain positive, balanced emotions. Our body cells also respond to our emotional state. High frequency, positive emotions such as love, happiness and joy create an optimal environment for the development of strong, healthy cells, while low frequency emotions such as fear, anger, doubt, etc., tend to have the opposite. the effect. Old raw emotions create a reservoir of unconscious emotional patterns that form the basis for our emotional response to life until they are released and brought into balance. When our basic emotions are balanced, the emotional body can be used by the soul as a tool with which it can fill the physical body with its life-affirming light.

Body (physical / etheric body)

Our physical body is the part of ourselves that we are most familiar with because we can directly perceive it as a visible solid form. However, it is good to always remember that it is actually being recreated from an energetic template located in our etheric body, which is strongly influenced by our emotions and thoughts. Therefore, a strong etheric body is essential if we want to feel good.
When we begin to understand that our physical body is in fact the end result of the creative flow of energy from spirit into matter, it becomes easier to recognize that whatever disturbances we experience in our physical body, their cause is not in it. Rather, they are the result of a constriction in the flow of energy that sustains our physical existence. Most often, the causes can be found in old long-forgotten belief patterns and associated emotional problems that create stagnant energy in the mental and emotional bodies.

A new look at ourselves

The view described above is not a generally accepted view of how physical life proceeds, but the more we expand our consciousness, the more we will be able to interact with this perspective of ourselves.

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