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Inner Child Essences

Healing the inner child helps us develop a more positive personality, balanced emotions and greater spiritual connection, as well as creating powerful soul growth. Shimara has created these 36 beautiful flower & gem essence combinations to facilitate the healing of your Inner Child and to help you return to the radiance of your pure, true self. There is also a set of Divination cards to accompany this set.

Вибрационные эссенции - Внкутренний ребенок - Принятие (Acceptance)

Self denial, resentment, or ‘victim consciousness’.

2100,00 руб
Вибрационные эссенции Внутренний ребенок Баланс (Balance)

This Essence helps restore balance to those whose personality is very up and down. This essence...

2100,00 руб
Вибрационные эссенции - Внутренний ребенок - Быть в моменте «здесь и сейчас» (Be here now)

Sustaining the development of the Inner Child through the grounding of energies.

2100,00 руб
Вибрационные эссенции - Внкутренний ребенок - Рождение (Birth)

This essence releases birth trauma.

2100,00 руб
Вибрационные эссенции Внутренний ребенок Смелость (Courage)

As this essence is taken it is transmuting fears developed in childhood very gently, layer by...

2100,00 руб
Решительность (Decisive)

This essence helps us become more naturally decisive.

2100,00 руб
Наслаждение (Delight)

This essence brings with it the qualities of playfulness, joy and simple delight in life and all...

2100,00 руб
Вера (Faith)

This essence will help to restore the sacred faith and trust in our hearts.

2100,00 руб
Семья (Family)

This essence helps to clear & release inherited family patterns, thus transforming not just the...

2100,00 руб

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March Energetics Essence Suggestions for March 2017

March Energetics

Rock Rose Flower

If you are anything like us you probably have not found the energy flow over the last few weeks particularly comfortable, especially in the two-week period between the recent eclipses.

There was a sense of having been through the washing cycle in a washing machine and emerging ‘cleaner’ but also somewhat dishevelled and disorientated. We wish that we could say that March is going to provide an opportunity to regroup, but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

One of the important themes for March carries right on through from February; the healing of deep old emotional wounds. The other theme brings a focus to our relationships. You may well find yourself engaged on an internal review of how relationships in all areas of your life are working. This process will require a degree of honesty and truthfulness, firstly with ourselves and then with others. It will be important to take responsibility for yourself and your needs and also to back up your intentions with carefully thought through actions.


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